“The Why?” of Echo Energies

Ever since it’s birth, Blake Orr (President and Founder of Echo Energies) has been repeatedly asked questions like, “Where did you come up with the name of your company” and “Why did you start a solar business, that’s so random.”  This story outlines how Echo Energies was born and even more importantly, “Why” it exists today.


The idea for Echo Energies as a business happened to come about several years ago on a road trip to New Mexico for a bowling tournament.  Riding shotgun with a friend, Blake was dozing off as he watched the desert landscape that paralleled the interstate highway.  Suddenly, he noticed a train chugging along next to them.  Already a long time advocate for the environment dating back to his childhood in the Boy Scouts of America, Blake noticed the little puffs of black smoke coming from the front car and mentally asked a compelling question:

“Why can’t that train be powered by Hydrogen?”

For the remainder of the trip, Blake began chewing on the idea.  He pondered how to create the hydrogen, where the raw materials would come from and how it would be distributed.  After analyzing the thought for awhile, he came to the conclusion that there wasn’t any real reason why that train was not powered by hydrogen or some sort of other renewable resource.  Non whatsoever, outside of the fact that someone, a long time ago, decided “we will power this machine with a fossil fuel.”  And rightly so, because in that time, fossil fuels were an abundant and harvestable resource.

The Train of Innovation

Ironically, though, the makers of several other machines came to the same conclusion and the horrible truth is that our planet’s entire infrastructure was built around this principle, making fossil fuels the easiest fuel to deliver to virtually anywhere humans might strive to explore and settle.

After coming to this realization, Blake also came to another conclusion.  Every one of us, regardless of our intention will create an effect on this planet.  Every one of us, like a pebble dropped into a pond, will create ripples.  The lives of every one of us will echo into the future and the things that we create will lay the foundation for every human that will be born.

Domino Effect

Now, based on these thoughts, Blake felt an overwhelming urge to educate his friends, family, neighbors and the whole world about how to live sustainably.  He set out to teach everyone about how to build things today that will have a positive impact on our posterity and more importantly, make our lives today more meaningful and enjoyable.  He set out to build a business based on one core ideology:

If the things you do and say are going to dramatically effect your children, their children, and their children’s grandchildren, then why on God’s green Earth would you not want to do and say things that would effect them positively?

Why wouldn’t you want to echo positive energies?

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