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SRP’s April 18, 2011 Board Meeting

I had the opportunity to sit in on SRP’s Sustainable Portfolio Principles board meeting today.  Whereas most people are upset with SRP  given that they are investing much less into the programs than their utility counterparts (APS and TEP), there is a silver lining to the cloud ~ it’s FREE MONEY!  Here’s the take away…

Download: SRP Suspends Solar Rebate Program

Salt River Project (SRP) suspends their solar rebate program.  Our management team received a notification regarding the current status of SRP’s solar rebate program.  Right now, the solar rebate programs in Phoenix, AZ are difficult to understand.  If you’re like me, then you’ll appreciate a consultant who can educate you on the best way to…

Salt River Project (SRP) Suspends Solar Rebate Program

Breaking News: SRP suspends solar rebate program and announces that they will reduce their rebate amount from $2.15 per watt to $1.00 per watt. The program will be suspended until it resumes its next phase on May 1, 2011.

APS Solar Rebates Still Available?

Yes. APS Solar Rebates are still available, but it takes an expert to get them for you. If you’re not in line soon, you might have to wait for APS solar rebates. When you are looking at investing in solar power and using APS solar rebates, there are also things that need done before hand. The good news is that we can handle the majority of these things for you, but at the end of the day, whether you end up joining the Echo Energies Family or not, you need to make sure you have the right person in your corner, looking out for your best interest.

Solar Power and Electric Vehicles

In June 2010, the US Sent $27.3 Billion Overseas to Import Oil. The average American commutes to work 5 days a week. Typically, these trips are done alone, both there and back. The problem is that gasoline is bleeding our nation dry. The solution to this problem comes in many forms but the true resolution is in the sky ~ solar power and electric vehicles.