7 Secret Tips to Going Solar

Go Solar with Echo Energies

I’m going to place my bet that although you are looking into the idea of going solar, you’re just not quite ready to go spend all that cash on solar panels just yet.  Am I right?  All sorts of advertisements about “Get A Free Consultation” and “$0 Down – Go Solar Today!” on websites loaded with cheap stock photo of all sorts of creepy smiling people.

Kind of like a bunch of car sales commercials if you ask me.  “Come on down to our lot and Save Save Save, but only this Sunday Sunday Sunday!”

Yeah right, nobody’s buying that one anymore.  I’ve got what I think is a better idea and I’ll throw it against the wall here so you can decide for yourself.

My Advice: Take a long, slow approach to buying solar panels and make a very educated, very calculated decision.  Do your research and when the time is right, pull the trigger on something that makes sense, not what the Out-Of-Work Tile Guy is pushing on you.

Tap Into the Power of the Sun

Did you ever think you would here a solar “salesman” tell you that?  Interestingly enough, this is precisely why Echo Energies has done so well over the years.  You’re not going to have a slick salesman come in with a big and sometimes over sized solar system to force down your throat.

You’ll get education first, then an honest price for honest work and you’ll get it all wrapped up with a smile and handshake from a true solar professional.

You see, me and my team our out here to help everyone on this planet get solar for their home, their business, heck even their cell phone (yes, you can get that).  The first step, is education and granted, you might end up buying your system from someone else, but that’s ok with us because this is about something bigger ~ energy independence and living a sustainable life.  Something tells me though (*cough* our customers *cough*) that you’ll be so satisfied with the experiences you have with me and my team, you’ll see no reason to go anywhere else.

These 7 Secret Tips to Going Solar will help you choose a great solar installer, not just a good one.

Now, you have your choice a few great resources.  In the right hand column, you’ll notice a form about the “10 Free & Simple Ways to Save On Your Electric Bill.”  Those tips are awesome and I highly recommend you check them out.  Most of them I picked up from my potato farmin’ Grandpa where all his years on a small homestead have taught our family about cutting the waste out of your home.

If you’re past just looking at the little ways to save on your electric bill and are now ready to get into the nitty gritty of going solar, you need to download these 7 Secret Tips to Going Solar.

They’re spread out a bit, so they’ll be easy to understand and digest, but a great way to start learning about the best practices of hiring a solar contractor.

Cheers to a sunny future,

~ Blake Orr (President – Echo Energies)


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