Energy Independence

A crucial aspect of the solar movement in the United States is based heavily on the concept of energy independence.  As a nation, when we are forced to rely on other nations for our energy, we put ourselves in a very dangerous circumstance.  What happens when inclement weather, natural disasters or even war come into the picture?  The scary thing is that there is no sure fire way to ensure that we are protected from lags in supply outside of establishing multiple sources.  Even more scary is that when disaster strikes, for example Hurricane Katrina, national energy supplies can be totally wiped out, leaving our nation’s thirst for oil unquenchable.

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt

The most beautiful part about solar energy for your home is that from the moment you turn it on, you immediately reduce your carbon footprint as well as our reliance on foreign oil.  Couple that with a plug in electric hybrid car and not only are your keeping dollars in your wallet, but in our economy as well.

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