Solar Power and Electric Vehicles

In less than a year, the general awareness of solar power has exploded.  This is awesome since there used to be a time when most people thought solar power was a dead fad from the 80′s.  Now the question is how will the technology continue to to proliferate into every crease of our lives?  Well for starters, lets look at how you get to work.

In June 2010, the US Sent $27.3 Billion Overseas to Import Oil

The average American commutes to work 5 days a week.  Typically, these trips are done alone, both there and back.  Chances are, you are one of these people.  Don’t worry, we’re not pointing fingers at you, but at the infrastructure that our society has built.  On every highway and in every town across the country, you can easily find gas stations.  They’re everywhere.  The problem is that gasoline is bleeding our nation dry.  As a nation, we are importing over 50% of this oil, most of which comes from countries that don’t like the US!

The solution to this problem comes in many forms but the true resolution is in the sky ~ solar power and electric vehicles.  As solar power becomes more prevalent on parking structures, parking lots and large buildings, you will soon see more charging stations similar to the one in the video, where fuel is no longer something you really need to worry about.  Not only that, but with less moving parts in the engine, you’ll be spending less on car repairs too.

Did You Know?  The money spent to import oil in April 2009 could have hired 364,000 new teachers

On the business side, as more people start to rely on the benefits of electric vehicles and solar power, those businesses who are prepared with electric charging stations supplied by solar power will surely attract more business.  When the option is grocery store #1 without an EV charging station or grocery store #2 with an EV charging station, well, where do you think the EV drivers will go?  In the next couple of years, every major car manufacturer will be releasing an electric vehicle.  An interesting recent development is how Toyota will be pairing with Tesla to make an electric RAV4 set to be released in 2012.  The Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf, and a whole myriad of electric vehicles will soon flood the market meaning there will be thousands of people with one thing on their mind ~ where can I fill up?  Businesses prepared to satisfy that demand will attract more customers.


“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.  What a source of power!  I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” ~Thomas Edison

Another important thing to think about is the fact that as more people begin filling up their tank from their outlet, electricity rates are sure to rise.  There are programs with limited funding that will help pay for you to buy solar power.  Bottom line, you need to protect yourself from the coming onslaught of rate hikes that will surely come as we shift to an electric society.  Learn about the incredible benefits of solar power and learn how to protect yourself against sub par contractor work by downloading the 7 Secret Tips to Going Solar.

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