Solar Rebates And Solar Incentives

In an effort to comply with mandates by the Federal & State governments to purchase 20% of their power from renewable sources by 2012, both SRP and APS have amazing rebate programs that will pay for a significant portion of your solar system. Surprisingly enough, these programs can account for almost 50% of your purchase, making solar energy more affordable than ever.  As you look under your utility provider, keep in mind that there are also solar panel tax credits too!

SRP Solar Arizona Rebates

Solar Panels - When you install solar panels on your home, SRP will write you a check for $2.15 per installed watt of solar power when the system has been commissioned.  This rebate has a cap of $10,750, which is the equivalent of a 5,000 watt solar power system.  Don’t delay because this rebate is scheduled to be scaled back in April of 2011!

Solar Hot Water – SRP will reimburse you a total of $.50 per kWh of savings based  upon the systems OG-300 rating.  We carry Heliodyne solar hot water systems exclusively, which carry some of the industry’s highest OG-300 ratings.  What does this mean for you?  A much bigger rebate check from the utility company of course.

APS Solar Arizona Rebates

Solar Panels – APS has one of the most attractive rebate programs for solar in Arizona.  Every system installed can qualify for a $2.15 per watt rebate incentive.  The best part of all is that this program does not have a limit to the amount the rebate is good for.  As an example, a 5,000 watt solar panel system would get a $10,750 rebate.

Solar Hot Water – Similar to SRP, you will be eligible to receive up to $.50 per kWh of first year savings based on upon the systems OG-300 rating.  At Echo Energies, we exclusively use Heliodyne Solar Hot Water systems which holds many of the industries highest OG-300 ratings.  This means more money in your pocket!

Now that you know about the solar rebates and solar incentives from the electric companies to go solar in Arizona, why not schedule a free and friendly consultation?  Our trained and professional Energy Experts can answer all your questions and help you fill out the paperwork to reserve your solar rebate today!

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