Solar Hot Water

Solar water heaters are a very cost effective and powerful way to capture the sun’s powerful energy and convert into a usable product at every faucet in your home. Solar hot water energy systems are known to be some of the most efficient solar energy systems on the planet, converting anywhere from 40-60% of the sun’s rays into warm water.

Most people don’t realize it, but on average, 15% of your utility bill comes from your water heater alone. A solar water heat will replace the majority of this portion of your electric bill. Of course, with tax credits and utility rebates, this economic solar option is only a little bit more than an electric water heater but utilizes the most widely available energy source on the planet!

Heliodyne Solar Hot Water

Echo Energies uses Heliodyne products for all of its solar thermal projects. Heliodyne has years of experience in the manufacturing of solar thermal collectors and heat exchangers. They are regarded as the industry’s best in regards to longevity, heat transfer standards and aesthetics. Most importantly, these exceptional pieces of equipment can be used to heat both the water in your home and your pool. By installing a Heliodyne system on your home or business, you capture maximum quality at an affordable price. It’s like driving a Bentley at the price of a Honda.

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