All Natural Soap

All Natural SoapOur soaps are made from goat’s milk and other All Natural ingredients right here in Arizona. Not only do we keep the ingredients natural, we do things the old fashioned way, cutting out all those nasty chemicals known for drying out skin and leaving icky residues all over your skin.  We start with a myriad of natural oils (olive, hemp seed, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, etc) and slowly prepare a lye liquid solution.  Just as the oils are melted down and the lye liquid cooled to the right temperature, we combine them and add all sorts of herbs and all natural ingredients known holistically to benefit your skin.  From Lavender to Oats, Seaweed to Dead Sea Mud, the aromas and bouquets will have you smelling like like a million bucks.

Caring for your soap is easier than ever before.  Be sure to place it on a drying rack and it will last you a very long time.

LavenderRoseOats and HoneyVanilla Bean