APS Solar Rebates Still Available?

Yes.  APS Solar Rebates are still available, but it takes a trained professional and a little bit of finesse to make sure that it’s your name on the APS solar rebate check

Thousands of APS customers are anxiously awaiting the APS solar rebates to unfreeze in October of 2010.  The APS solar rebates program has been such a success, that in fear of running out of funding, APS has been forced to make numerous cuts to their solar rebate amount, as well as freeze the program until October.  Of course, perception is reality for most homeowners and a freeze on the APS solar rebate program has raised several questions.  If you are like most of our customers, a big concern you might have is “how do I buy a solar system and get my hands on that rebate money?”  And of course, most answer their own question and say, “well I can’t, so I’ll wait.”  How do I put this nicely…umm…wrong answer.  At least, on the surface its the wrong answer.

The APS solar rebates are gone until October, but only if you don’t know where to look

Little do most people know, there are still several budgets at APS that can help you dramatically reduce your electric bill loaded with plenty of funds.  Even though the APS solar rebates for photovoltaics (PV) are on hold until October, there is plenty of APS solar rebate money available to fund your home’s energy makeover.  The trick is that you need a consultant to help you understand your options and balance what you’re wanting to do long term with where you can get the most bang for your buck, right now.

Who you really need to talk to is Bart Miller ~ Senior Energy Expert at Echo Energies

Bart has held top level positions with highly reputable companies and has spent his life learning exactly how to develop top quality engineered systems and provide them with more financing options than you can shake a stick at.  His life experience, combined with the intense Echo Energy Expert training regiment, you’re getting a genuine energy consultant, not a sleazy used car salesman turned into a sleazy solar salesman…

Sleazy Solar Salesman

What you must understand is that there will be a line when APS solar rebates unfreeze in October.  If you’re not in that line soon, you might have to wait much longer than October for APS solar rebates

Now, keep in mind that solar power is not contracted today and installed tomorrow, regardless of what APS solar rebates are doing.  Rather, there is a process of design, permitting, procurement, installation, inspection, and commissioning.  Bottom line, this process takes time, anywhere from 45 days to  3 months, just for the solar portion.  If you choose to include any other things in your project, this time line can get pushed out even more.  The point is that there are numerous things that you can be doing right now to prepare yourself to take full advantage of APS solar rebates, or any solar rebate for that matter.

When you purchased your home, there were a few things you needed to do before hand that ensured you were getting a good deal on a home that fits your needs and wants.  Paying off debt, increasing your savings, staying away from random credit checks and so on.  When you are looking at investing in solar power and using APS solar rebates, there are also things that need done before hand.  The good news is that we can handle the majority of these things for you, but at the end of the day, whether you end up joining the Echo Energies Family or not, you need to make sure you have the right person in your corner, looking out for your best interest.

Just doing your research? Great! We love savvy homeowners because most of them choose to business with us

We have developed an educational program called the 7 Secret Tips to Going Solar.  Why?  Well, if you start doing your homework now, in the long run, you’ll make out like a bandit instead of ending up as the chump who gets hard-sold into something ridiculous like a leased solar system.  Thousands have used our resource to help them get on the path to energy independence.  If you’re looking into going solar or even just want to reduce your electric bills, you should too.

7 Secret Tips to Going Solar

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