Solar Power and Your Swimming Pool

If you own a jacuzzi, you understand how painful it can be to heat it year round with an electric or gas heater.  If you heat your pool, you’re probably even kicking your dog when you see that utility bill, especially during the winter months.  Now granted, you might even be saying, “But wait, I don’t heat my pool or my jacuzzi year round.  I wait until summer to enjoy my pool and the jacuzzi, well, it looks pretty…”

Holy smokes!  You spent such a pretty penny to own a pool in the first place, not to mention all those monthly chemical and cleaning bills just to keep it from turning into a swamp.  So listen carefully because solar power gives you such an advantage in fighting this up hill battle and actually enjoying what you’ve paid for.  What you need to be looking at is ways to heat your pool with solar power because heating your pool with solar will save your wallet, not to mention your sanity!

Enjoy A Solar Pool Heater

Echo Energies has had the pleasure of helping hundreds of homeowners plan a good strategy on managing that horrible pool bill with one simple concept ~ the sun rises every day and if you have the right things in place, you can funnel that sunshine right into your pool.

But How Does Heating Your Pool With Solar Work?

Think of it this way: When you were a kid wreaking havoc on the neighborhood, chances are you occasionally made your way to the hose in your front yard to get a drink right?  Your first summer in Arizona, of course, nearly put you in the hospital with 7th degree burns when you cranked that hose to full blast and stuck your face right in front it.  Needless to say, that was an easy lesson to learn but the science behind that real world example is exactly how heating your pool with solar works.  As that water sits in that hose for just a little while, it passively collects solar power and stores it in the form of heat.  Water sits in sun, water gets hot.  Simple.

It didn’t take long for some smart solar power engineers to realize that its pretty easy to make a collector that can do the same thing, except focus the solar power and control it so you can use it how you want to.  Abracadabra and a few SRCC certifications later, out pops a solar pool heater.  Using your existing pool equipment and adding on a couple of parts, you can select your preferred water temperature and presto, the marvels of modern engineering will actively manage your pool’s temperature, adding heat when needed.  Learn a little more about solar hot water.

Heat Your Pool With Solar

Picture a real world example ~ imagine having the power to automatically heat your jacuzzi, to exactly the temperature that you prefer so that when you get home from a long tiring day, its ready for you to soak your bones, without spending a penny on an electric or gas furnace and without waiting hours for it to heat up.  You get the joy of hot-spring comfort seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.  We call it “The Bright Way to Save.”

Learn more about this and get the 7 Secret Tips to Going Solar so if and when you decide to go solar, you’ll be armed with knowledge ~ a shady salesman’s worst enemy.

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    August 25, 2010 | 12:53 am

    people are stupid

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    August 26, 2010 | 12:11 pm

    A+ would read again

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