Turning TEUs Into A Home Office

Just sat down to check some emails as I sip a Red Bull and stumbled across this little gold nugget:

Morgantown builder converts shipping container into green living space by Emily Corio

John Garlow of Morgantown, West Virginia undertakes a building project for a non-profit that connects people in Haiti with clean drinking water.  If you haven’t heard about the issue, it’s actually pretty major.  The former shipping container (a typical TEU for you fellow logistics nerds out there) was first insulated and then loaded with all sorts of sustainable living features like solar panels and a water filtration system that captures rain water.

The mobile structure will apparently be filled with donations from the citizens of Morgantown before making its journey to Haiti.  Kudos to the community effort.  That’s really cool what you guys are doing.

TEU Shipping Containers

Awhile back I remember reading an article about Mobile Mini using their excess storage containers to to build bomb shelters by burying a few of them next to each other.  These kinds of methods are great for the environment because they first and foremost, recycle waste into something tangible and also provide a cool storage area where things like food and emergency supplies can be stored without needing to condition the air.

Creative thinking like this is fun to do at home.  Got a crazy idea you want to try out?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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